When you have a hopeless situation, transform it into a flow activity to gain strength.

When facing a difficult situation, we can either give up and drown in our concerns, or we can use this strategy to gain confidence and find another satisfying solution. For example, when our car breaks down on the way to work, we should accept it, and call a cab after realizing that we cannot fix it in the moment.


  1. Gain self-assurance.
    Start trusting yourself, the environment, and your place in it. Trust that, with the tools that you have at your disposal, you will get to your destination.

  2. Focus your attention on the world.
    When facing a difficult situation, we tend to focus on what’s inside, on our concerns, and the desires of our ego. Stop thinking about yourself, and focus on your surroundings. Focus on alternative possibilities, and how to achieve what you want despite the circumstances.

  3. Discover new solutions.
    To create psychic entropy, you can do one of two things. You can focus your attention on the obstacle and figure out how to remove it, or you can focus your attention on the entire situation, including yourself, and find another way to get to your goal.


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