When it comes to food, choose quality over quantity


  1. Eat less food so you can limit your caloric intake.
    Get smaller plates and cups, eat in the company of others, and stop eating before you are full, as it takes a little bit of time for your body to register that you are actually full.

  2. Eat slowly so that you can savor your food.
    This will help you need less of the food to be satisfied.

  3. Eat real meals but in moderate quantities.

  4. Eat snacks in moderation.
    Most snacks have unhealthy ingredients like lots of fats, sugars, and oils that are not needed by the body.

  5. Reserve treats for special occasions.
    Like snacks, most treats are made with lots of sugars and fats.

  6. Prepare your meals by yourself.
    You can easily do it to your specifications.

  7. Plant a vegetable garden if you can.
    You can be sure that foods directly from your garden do not have pesticides or insecticides. They are organic.


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