Weekly test to focus on what matters most


  1. Ask yourself at the end of every week: “What Do You Know This Week, That You Didn't Know Last Week, About…”
     - Your business?
     - Your industry as a whole?
     - Your competitors?
     - Your customers or clients as a group?
     - Your top 10, 20, or 30 customers or clients?
     - A client, individually?
     - One of the top leaders in your field?
     - Societal, cultural, or economic trends that may affect your business?
     - A "success" topic – personal, finance, self-motivation, time management?
     - A "marketing" topic – direct response, advertising, construction of offers, copy that sells, direct mail, the Internet?
     - A person, event, or topic in the current news of great interest or importance to your clientele?
     - A “method” – a means, process, or technique of doing something useful to you, whether manufacturing your widget faster or making a sales presentation more effectively?


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