Watch and change your vocabulary.

The main problem with reactive language is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We tend to look for evidence that already backs our beliefs, and so with reactive words, originating from reactive thoughts, people feel increasingly victimized and out of control. They blame other people and circumstances for their own situation. On the other hand, consciously choosing empowering language will lead to empowering thoughts and taking responsibility for your situations and your success and effectiveness in them.


  1. Start to make it a daily practice to listen to the language you are choosing.
    In particular, pay attention to phrases and words like “I have to,” “I must,” “I should,” and “I can’t,” and notice the impact these are having on you and the situation you are in.

  2. Choose to use empowering language instead.
    Use phrases like “I want to,” “I will,” “I choose to,” “I can,” etc. Notice the difference in energy and the shift in perspective when you do this.


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