Use your senses consciously


  1. Visit museums and galleries
    You will learn to appreciate art more thoroughly.

  2. Picture your favorite scene and describe it using different sensory experiences
    For example, if you picture a beach, describe the colors, the sounds, the temperature, the smell, and the way it makes you feel.

  3. Practice silence
    Try spending a day in nature. Focus on listening rather than speaking.

  4. Listen for emotion in music
    Listen to the works of famous composers and recognize the emotions they inspire in you.

  5. Make your own perfume
    Experiment with different scents to create a perfect one to your taste.

  6. Taste three kinds of chocolate
    Play with different tastes and describe them.

  7. Experiment with blindfold touch
    Try to guess which object you’re holding while being blindfolded.

  8. Create your own equivalent to the maestro’s studio
    This can be either a private place to work or a workplace which you and your colleagues can use together. You can call it “the Renaissance Room” or “Leonardo Lab”. Be mindful of the light in the room, the stereo system, the comfortable furniture, the aesthetic, and the freshness of the air.


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