Use your personality to your advantage to stir people from their usual routines.

Little differences can make a big impact in making people notice you. So spicing up conventional events and things goes a long way! You're much more likely to be remembered at any event if your business card, job title, or entree was stunning, funny, or simply odd. Take advantage of doing things a little differently, and your results will be huge.


Here are a few suggestions to capture their attention:

  1. Make your job title great again.
    If you’re, say, a dog researcher who studies dogs’ personalities and behaviors, a much better title could be “professional dog psychologist.” Try creating interest with your job title to hook them in.

  2. Update your social media with personal touches.
    Another sunset and beach photo? Yawn. If you want to make them scroll through, then sure. Try making your social media brand page, or your personal page, more noticeable by being unique in a way that only you can be. For example, Laura Izumikawa posts pictures of her baby in celebrity outfits, and it’s a hit!

  3. Bring something different to serve.
    If you’re catering, serve something different from coffee and bagels that would turn heads. Vanilla tea, cake pops, lemonade—you name it. And, for potlucks, cook up an interesting recipe that stands out, like rainbow cupcakes instead of a casserole. You could also try this with thank-you cards, by sending a lollipop, popcorn, or other nicknacks with the message.


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