Use your BOLT score to measure your progress


  1. Do the BOLT test daily, first thing in the morning, and record your score.
    Inhale and exhale normally, then hold your breath until you feel the first definite desire to breathe. Record the number of seconds you held your breath.
  2. Use your BOLT score to choose which exercises you will do and how you will do them. 
    Begin with Nose Unblocking, Breathing Recovery and short periods of Reduced Breathing. Grow your capacity gradually towards longer durations of reduced breathing and breath-holds during exercise.
  3. Track your BOLT score as you go through the program. 
    During the first week of regular practice, your BOLT score should increase by 3-4 seconds. 
  4. Continue to practice the exercises regularly even if your score plateaus. 
    This can happen when you reach 20 seconds or more. 
  5. Assess your overall health and well-being every time your score increases by 5 seconds. 
    You should see clear positive changes with every 5 seconds of increase.
  6. Aim for a BOLT score of 40 seconds, which indicates optimal breathing efficiency. 
    Through regular practice, you can achieve this within 6 months.


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