Use word-of-mouth marketing to make your product catch on


  1. Build social currency around your product.
    Focus on how it makes people look — smart rather than dumb, cool rather than geeky. To get people talking about your product, you need to craft messages that help them achieve their desired impression, like visible logos and symbols of status that they can show others.

  2. Use triggers.
    People often talk about whatever comes to mind, so the more people think about a product or idea, the more they’ll talk about it. To make your product ingrained in consumers’ minds, link your products to prevalent environmental cues such as a dominant color, a subway station, or a pet. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something people see often, so they can always remember your product and talk about it.

  3. Evoke emotion.
    People love to share emotional things. Create ad campaigns that evoke the emotion of surprise in people, or tug at their heartstrings.

  4. Make it public.
    Make your product more public. Let people see when others are using it. You could use prominent and distinct logos or colors. This way, it’ll advertise itself by encouraging others to imitate your customers’ behavior.

  5. Provide practical value.
    People like to help others, so if you can show them how your product or idea will save time, improve health, or save money, they’ll spread the word!

  6. Tell stories.
    People don’t just share information; they tell stories. Embed your product and idea into stories that people want to tell. Wrap your idea in a broader narrative and make your message so integral to the narrative that people can’t tell the story without it.


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