Use visualization to create the self-image you desire


  1. Set aside time to build an adequate self-image
    Sit down, relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Make sure you’re alone and undisturbed. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in front of a large screen watching a movie of your life. Make the scene as vivid as possible and pay attention to the sights, sounds, scents, and objects in your imagined environment.

  2. See yourself acting and reacting like a successful version of you
    Visualize yourself acting and feeling as you want to be. Imagine how you would feel if you already had the personality that you desire. For example, if you’re shy, imagine yourself moving among people with poise, confidence, and courage. Feel the emotions that come with being charming in front of people. Spend 30 minutes every day using this visualization until your imagined experience feels like an actual experience.


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