Use tools and systems to organize your day


  1. Have a file system for this and next month, where you put in stuff that you'll have to get back to.

  2. Block your time. Make inviolate appointments with yourself.
    Block a few hours in the morning for writing. Block time weeks and months in advance.

  3. Minimize unplanned activity. For a task, determine in advance how long it takes and set a time for its completion.
    By reducing unscheduled time and unplanned activity, you automatically reduce waste. If you can't tell where your time goes, you're unproductive.

  4. Profit from "Odd-Lot" Time.
    When you have to wait anywhere (airport, road traffic, doctor, etc.), have learning material with you so that time doesn't waste.

  5. Live Off-Peak.
    Avoid things like going shopping the day before a public holiday, etc.


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