Use these five rules to formulate your outcomes

If you want something to happen in the external world, first it has to happen in your internal world.


  1. Write down your goal in positive terms.
    Don’t write things you don’t want. Instead, focus on what you desire to happen.

  2. Describe how your outcome looks, sounds, smells and feels.
    Be very specific.

  3. Have an evidence-based procedure. Imagine how you will feel or what you will hear after achieving your goal.
    If you don’t know what success looks like, how can your mind know what to strive for? You may even miss your goal if you don’t really know what you want.

  4. Your outcome should only depend on you.
    Don’t think about what would have to happen or what others would have to do to reach your goal. You are in charge.

  5. Verify that your outcome benefits you and other people.
    Imagine that you cannot fail, what actions would you take. How does the outcome benefit you and others?


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