Use these 10 methods to develop and acquire resources.

No one has unlimited resources. If you run a business, you always have to look for ways to acquire or develop resources in areas where you don’t have enough of them.


Use the following methods in these situations:

  • You have a few business ideas, and you want to decide which one to choose.
  • You are developing a product, and some resources are missing to make it perfect.
  • You already have a product, and you want to ensure it meets customer needs.

To develop or acquire the resources that you need, you can do one of following things:

  1. Attract a co-founder(s).

  2. Hire a team member.

  3. Routinely stretch beyond your comfort zone.

  4. Serve customers.

  5. Acquire tools, equipment, software, or online services.

  6. Invest in training or information sources; hire consultants in order to learn.

  7. Develop or refine a prototype or solution.

  8. Partner with another entrepreneur or organization.

  9. Attract investors.

  10. Merge with or be acquired by another organization.


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