Use the two-handed neuro-fascial release technique for social engagement


  1. Place one finger of one hand on the occiput at the base of the back of the head on one side.
    Test the slide-ability of the skin over the bone, as described above. The skin should slide more easily in one direction than the other over the bone.
  2. Place a finger from the other hand at the top of the neck on the same side.
    If you push a little deeper, you should be able to feel the muscles. Use this finger to test the slide-ability of the skin over the muscles at the top of the neck. It should move more easily in the direction opposite the direction the other finger is sliding over the skull bone.
  3. After you have tested, lighten your pressure.
    Let the fingers of your two hands slide the skin in opposite directions until you feel resistance.
  4. Stop there, and hold that slight tension.
    Wait until you get a sigh or a swallow.
  5. Release your fingers, and allow the skin to return to its original position.
  6. Do the same thing on the skin on the opposite side of the skull and the neck.


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