Use the three-step narrative for action designed by Marshall Ganz.

When you craft a story that has these three parts: story of self, story of us, and story of now, you show the others that you are like them. You show that you transitioned to become someone much better, and that now we have to act together to be even greater.


Your story should be composed of these three elements:

  1. Story of self.
    You talk about your transition—from who you used to be to who you are today. It’s not about getting sympathy from others or catastrophizing your situation. It’s a chance to explain that you are a person just like your audience.

  2. Story of us.
    This is the core of a tribe. Why are we alike? It’s a story about what makes us a group.

  3. Story of now.
    This part of the story is a call to action. There must be a reason to do something now. I was like you. I was in the desert. Then I learned something, and now I’m here. Together we can make it better.


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