Use the subconscious to form better relationships


  1. Visualize your perfect partner.
    Before trying to find a partner, you must first visualize your ideal person. List the qualities that you want in a partner. Then, sit quietly and affirm that you are attracting a person with these qualities. This tells your subconscious mind what you want, so you can recognize that person when they appear in your life.

  2. Let go of resentments at the end of the day.
    Carrying resentments in a relationship creates a negative association in your subconscious mind. This causes your conscious mind to second guess the relationship and act badly toward your partner. Make an effort to let go of resentments at the end of each day and forgive any frustrations so your subconscious won’t absorb them when you sleep.

  3. Start and end each day with gratitude.
    Start and end each day by making simple affirmations of gratitude about your partner, such as saying, “I am grateful for you,” or “My life is better with you in it.”’


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