Use the power of suggestion during the sales process


  1. Control the power of suggestion during the sales process.
    Plan ahead and take complete control of every aspect of what your client sees, hears, feels, and does throughout the sales process. During your conversation with a potential customer, make sure to eliminate all distractions by asking the customer to change to a quieter location, for example.
  2. Make a professional impression.
    Carry yourself with the poise and confidence of a leader in your profession by walking tall, keeping your head up, and giving strong handshakes. Gain self-confidence; see yourself as a qualified expert in your field, armed with an outstanding offering. Dress well; model your outfit after your industry's wealthiest and most successful people. Present yourself as someone that clients can trust and rely on for guidance.
  3. Be kind.
    Keep a positive outlook and treat everyone you meet with kindness at all times.
  4. Manage your attitude.
    Before each sales meeting or call, do a mental run-through in which you pretend to be completely at ease, in charge, calm, and positive. How you perceive yourself determines how you will feel and behave. You may have a good self-talk session before seeing the prospect, telling yourself things like, "I'm the greatest!"


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