Use suggestive sublanguage to convey your real message.

You will be more successful in getting people to agree with you when you make them think that they were the ones to come up with the idea.


  1. Create a sublanguage to influence the people you want to seduce.
    Deliver your true meaning to your target’s subconscious by using ambiguous comments or making bold statements (of what you really wanted to say) followed by an apology. But pay attention—it is not only words that can insinuate. Looks and gestures can also convey meaning.

  2. Suggest your real meanings to your target.
    Aim to make everything you say and do come across in a suggestive manner. This is especially important at the beginning of a seduction.

  3. Be patient.
    Insinuation plants the seed of your ideas in your target’s mind. Give it enough time to fully grow in their minds. This allows it to become as if it was their own idea.


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