Use stories to get people talking about your products and ideas


  1. Identify a topic people already want to talk about.
    Ideally, this should be a highly emotional or controversial one, such as topics like ‘unrealistic beauty standards for women, or ‘child obesity in America.’ The topic must be related to your product as well.

  2. Start a conversation.
    Use your advertising platform to start a conversation or campaign around the topic and build a narrative. Get people engaged, allowing them to express their opinions and invite their friends to join the conversation. Make sure the information you want people to remember and transmit is critical to the narrative because if they don’t connect the content back to you, it will not be very helpful, even if it goes viral.

  3. Sneak in your brand.
    Ensure your brand sponsors these conversations, or adverts about your products highlight the story and conversation. Like a trojan horse, use the story as a vessel that carries your brand along for the ride. This is particularly helpful if the topic of the conversation relates to your product or idea.


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