Use permission marketing in your business.

Permission marketing is getting closer with the users that want to hear from you more. It’s about getting more personal with them. It’s about making things that they feel are remarkable. The result of such marketing is that you gain evangelists—people that will talk about you and promote your business. Therefore, even if this type of marketing is directed to a much smaller group of people, it usually gets much better results.


  1. Do something remarkable.
    Remarkable is when people talk about it with other people. This aspect must be built deep into your product or service.

  2. Focus only on people that want to hear from you.
    Permission marketing is about finding people that love what you’re doing and engaging in marketing on a more personal level. It’s not about reaching the masses.

  3. Make things that are important to people, not to you.
    People will only spread the word if it furthers their goals and spreading the word will make them feel proud.


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