Go from deep loss to peace.


  1. Learn to accept and even welcome everyday endings.
    Whenever an experience comes to an end—a gathering of friends, a vacation, your child leaving home, even the end of a day—there has been a little death, an ending. This often leaves a feeling of emptiness that people try hard not to feel. In time, you may find that the feeling of emptiness turns into a sense of space and deep peace.

  2. When you experience loss, don’t deny or ignore the pain. Instead, accept that it is there.
    Whenever any kind of deep loss occurs—such as losing possessions, your home, a relationship, your job, or your reputation—it’s like something inside you dies. Your sense of who you are diminishes. You may even end up asking, ”Who am I?” Instead, face the emptiness that is there, and you may find it is no longer a fearful place but a space that emanates peace.


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