Treat others with respect


  1. Make lasting relationships as you work hard towards achieving your life goals.
    Help people along the way and always remember to also acknowledge those who helped you.

  2. Control yourself so that others do not influence how you feel.
    For example, read your emails or messages only when you are in a good mood. When someone is baiting you, don’t take the bait. Not only have they won, but you will also likely do something dumb and regrettable.

  3. Be considerate of what others are going through.
    Sometimes, just ignore people who do things that don’t seem to add up to you. The reason is that some people act irrationally when they are stressed or facing certain difficulties.

  4. Always remember where you come from.
    If you forget your background and start behaving like an egotistical lunatic, you are bound to reap the consequences sooner rather than later.


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