Use awareness of the inner body to access the present moment.

When you are in touch with the inner body, you are in the present, and no longer mindlessly identified with your body or your mind. This increases your awareness of the body’s reactions to your thoughts and, allowing these reactions to pass through you and dissipate, strengthens the immune system and the body’s ability to heal.


  1. Set a reminder for the same time each day.
    The reminder could simply say, “What is my body feeling now?”

  2. Notice what your inner body is feeling.
    You may have to close your eyes to feel your body, or direct your attention to one place, for example, your hands. Become aware of the subtle feeling of energy or aliveness. Then you can gradually scan your entire body.

  3. Let the reactions pass through your body.
    Awareness makes bodily reactions quiet.

  4. Eventually, become aware of the inner body as often as possible.


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