Use a natural planning technique to plan your projects.

This technique will help you understand how you should approach your project.


  1. Identify the purpose of your project.
    What are you hoping to achieve?

  2. Identify your principles.
    What are your standards? Where do you draw the line? Define the boundaries of action before you begin working on any project.

  3. Envision your desired outcome.
    What do you expect out of this project? What would it look like when it’s done? What real-world impact is it going to have?

  4. Brainstorm ideas.
    Aim for quantity over quality by allowing yourself to come up with as many ideas as possible. Don’t judge, challenge, evaluate, or criticize any ideas that pop into your head, as this could cause you to jump the gun and close your mind to ideas that have the potential to bring you closer to your goal. Instead, let every idea flow freely; allow your brain to be creative and free. Analyzing and organizing will come after you’re done brainstorming.

  5. CIdentify the next actions.
    Break your project down into smaller, achievable tasks you can do to finish the project. Always remind yourself why the project is important to you and use it as a motivation to constantly work on it until it's done.


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