Unlock your social awareness skills


  1. Listen and observe.
    Observe people without letting your thoughts get in the way. Listen to them without judgments and expectations.
  2. Watch body language.
    Do a head-to-toe body language assessment. Start with the head and face. Look for maintained eye contact, shifty eyes, too much blinking, and an authentic smile. This will help you understand a person more.
  3. Practice walking in the shoes of another.
    Adapt one's communication style to help reach a resolution. To better understand a person, try putting yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself questions that start with, “If I were this person . . .” and use your previous history with the person to help you understand them. If you’re comfortable with the person, approach them after the situation and test your thoughts.
  4. Be respectful.
    Respectfully listen to one's peers and then offer one's opinion.


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