Get into the flow state


  1. ** Identify when you're in the flow state.**
    Recognize when you are in a state of intense focus and calm. This is a healthier state in which your ability to perform tasks and solve problems increases.
  2. Incorporate techniques to reach this state.
    Learn techniques to more readily shift levels of consciousness and brain functions so that you can work with greater energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency. These techniques will depend on what works best for you. Some examples include removing external distractions, avoiding multitasking, practicing mindfulness, etc.
  3. ** Take two minutes to shift into a creative, noncritical state of mind.**
    Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a peaceful place and focus on the present moment. Practice this exercise daily to enhance your focus. This will help you get into the flow state faster.
  4. ** Enable the creative functions of your brain.**
    Temporarily put aside the critical faculty of your logical mind to allow the creative functions of your brain to start the flow of ideas and inspiration.
  5. ** Avoid procrastination.**
    Don't wait until you feel perfect or in the “right mood” to inspire you to work. Instead, learn to "just do it" - it's the only way you can progress with your tasks.


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