Unlocking the Power of Unconditional Love


  1. Be kind to all living things.
    Showing kindness and respect to all living things is a great way to help create a more harmonious and beautiful world.
  2. Give freely to life.
    Whatever we give to life will come back to us, as we are all part of the same life.
  3. Surrender to unconditional love.
    Let go of all doubts, beliefs, perceptions, positions, opinions, and attachments, and open yourself up to the energy of unconditional love.
  4. Be gracious and generous.
    Show kindness and generosity to everyone, even those who may not deserve it.
  5. Surrender to the inner conflict and let it run its course.
    Allow the inner conflict to come up and pass without trying to change it in any way.
  6. Move to a place with no distractions to intensify the process.
    Find a place with no distractions to help you focus on the process of surrendering.
  7. Let go of all resistance to the despair.
    Release all resistance to the despair and allow it to be resolved.


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