Collect "seeds" of inspiration


  1. ** Embrace the creative process.**
    Approach the creative process with an open mind and an eagerness to explore.
  2. ** Gather inspiration.**
    Collect anything that sparks your interest, without worrying about which one is the best. This could be a phrase, melody, bass line, rhythmic feel, sentence, character sketch, and so on.
  3. ** Be patient.**
    Just like fishing, we can't control when inspiration strikes, we can only be ready to receive it.
  4. ** Don't make assumptions.**
    Don't assume that certain ideas won't work or won't fit with your artistic identity. The purpose of a seed may be to take you in a completely new direction.
  5. ** Accumulate ideas.**
    Accumulate ideas over a period of weeks or months and then decide which ones to focus on, instead of feeling the need to rush to the finish line with the first idea that comes to mind.


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