Adopt the traits of successful talkers


  1. Look at things from a different perspective.
    When talking about a certain topic. think deeply about it. If possible, try to come up with new, unexpected ideas that can make the conversation more interesting. For example, if a song is a subject and you can sing, sharing your own unique rendition could enliven the conversation.
  2. Broaden your horizons.
    If you’re looking for a topic to talk about, consider those that are beyond your own life. Think about the stories of different people from your life - like grandparents or friends from diverse backgrounds. Their experiences and insights can enrich your conversations and thought processes.
  3. Be enthusiastic.
    Express enthusiasm in conversations by sharing things you’re passionate about, like a book you've read or a hobby you enjoy. Help listeners understand why you’re excited and they’ll find your talks interesting.
  4. Avoid talking about yourself too much.
    To hold up your end of the conversation, you obviously have to tell your partner something about yourself and answer questions he or she may ask. But don’t go on too long. Instead, learn to turn the conversation around from time to time. For example, if someone asks you about your work, answer it first then say something like "How about you, Mary? Where do you work?"
  5. Be curious.
    Good conversationalists are always learning because they’re curious about everything. When in a conversation, leverage your curiosity by asking about things you don’t know yet. Being keen on understanding and learning new things can keep conversations stimulating.
  6. Show empathy.
    Show that you understand and care about others' feelings and experiences. Celebrate their good news like it's your own, and be supportive and attentive to what they’re sharing. For example, if your friend got a new job, say “Wow that’s great!”
  7. Show your sense of humor.
    A sprinkle of humor keeps conversations light and enjoyable. However, you shouldn’t force it—just let it come naturally. Remember that being playful and not too serious can often make discussions more engaging.


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