Reach peak productivity


  1. Define your Lifetime Big 5. Take the time to think about the five major goals that you want to achieve in your lifetime. Write them down to bring clarity and focus to your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities.
  2. Discover your Deep 5 Values.
    Identify your core values so you can stay true to yourself and avoid wasting time on activities that don't align with what truly matters to you. Write them down as a reminder.
  3. Adopt the routines of top performers. Emulate the habits of high-achievers to boost your own results. Start by waking up early and engaging in physical activity. Spend at least ten minutes each day writing in a gratitude journal, and consider taking a nature walk. Dedicate focused time to learning from books or courses. Prioritize your most valuable activities during the first 90 minutes of your day, and schedule your tasks effectively.
  4. Force the optimization of the routine that you want to integrate into your lifestyle. Find ways to hold yourself accountable and ensure you stick to your desired routine. For example, if you want to improve your physical fitness, hire a personal trainer who will show up regularly to ensure you'll regularly perform your routine.
  5. Create a creative rabbit hole for deep work. Designate a distraction-free zone or set boundaries to minimize interruptions and maximize your creative flow. Consider dedicating specific time blocks or creating a physical space where you can fully immerse yourself in your work.
  6. Work five focused hours a day.
    Dedicate five hours of uninterrupted and high-quality work during your workdays. This concentrated effort will enable you to accomplish more in a week than you previously achieved in several months.
  7. Delegate tasks to a capable assistant.
    Hire an exceptional executive or personal assistant to efficiently manage your professional and personal life. This will free up your time, energy, and mental bandwidth to concentrate on your Lifetime Big 5 goals.
  8. Schedule regular rest and refueling cycles.
    Incorporate regular rest and refueling periods into your schedule to avoid burnout and optimize your productivity. Ideally, you should take at least one day off per week.


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