Understand sentence structures


  1. Choose captivating sentences from a grammar book.
    Pick out sentences from a grammar book that catch your attention or are relevant to your interests. Make sure these sentences are good examples of grammatical principles in action.
  2. Spot new words and grammatical structures.
    In each chosen sentence, identify any words you don't know, unusual forms of words, or sentence structures that stand out. Write them down. These will be the focus of your study.
  3. Make flashcards for new linguistic elements.
    Create a flashcard for each new vocabulary item, word form, or sentence structure you find. Include an image on the flashcard to help you remember the concept.
  4. Use visuals to grasp complex grammar.
    Use images to illustrate the meaning or context of a sentence, which can help you understand and remember more abstract grammatical ideas.
  5. Craft sentences with the newly learned grammar.
    Write your own sentences that apply the new grammar rules you've been studying. This practice will help you to better assimilate the grammatical structures.
  6. Seek feedback from native language users.
    Share your sentences with native speakers through language exchange platforms or tutoring services to get their feedback. Convert any corrections you receive into new flashcards.
  7. Regularly update and grow your collection of sentences.
    Keep adding fresh sentences to your study materials. Always be on the lookout for new vocabulary and grammatical patterns to learn and master.


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