Develop products based on business and customer needs


  1. Understand the business and customer needs.
    Gather requirements from the business and customers, and use your knowledge of both to develop a product that meets their needs.
  2. Examine existing systems.
    Take a closer look at existing systems and processes to find areas that can be optimized and improved.
  3. Learn about the user.
    Conduct research to understand user needs and preferences and use this information to guide product decisions.
  4. Collaborate to find the best solutions.
    Work together with your team to come up with the best solutions to the customer's problems, considering both the business and the customer's needs.
  5. Identify and seize market opportunities.
    Keep an eye out for opportunities in the market and develop strategies to take advantage of them. Use your knowledge of the business and the customer to create new products or improve existing ones.


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