Develop a winning product


  1. Identify your product's target audience and their needs.
    Begin by thinking about who the product is intended for and what problems it will solve for them. Conduct market research to gain insights into their needs, pain points, and desires.
  2. Outline unique selling points and target price.
    Compare the product to existing ones and highlight what makes it unique and valuable to customers. Determine the right pricing strategy that fits the product and its target market.
  3. Create a business model and revenue sources.
    Consider how the company will make money from selling the product and if it is a feasible revenue model. Evaluate different options and determine which one is the most profitable and sustainable.
  4. Collaborate with the product development team and stakeholders.
    Develop a shared vision for the product by involving all the key players in the development process, including the development team and stakeholders. Encourage open communication and feedback to keep everyone aligned and motivated.
  5. Set an inspiring goal.
    Define a clear and concise vision for the product that provides a shared goal but leaves enough room for creativity. This will guide development efforts and inspire the team to create something exceptional.
  6. Focus on the product's essentials.
    Prioritize the product's core features and functionality that are easy to use and provide the most value to the customer. Avoid adding unnecessary features that can lead to confusion and bloat.
  7. Gather customer feedback early and regularly.
    Show product increments in sprint review meetings and release software early and often to get feedback from customers. Use this feedback to iterate on and improve the product throughout the development process.


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