Unlock the potential of your ideas


  1. Be open to the unknown.
    Be receptive to the ideas that may come your way—whatever they are.
  2. Notice your emotional reaction to each idea.
    Pay attention to what captures your interest and follow the energy that arises.
  3. Test all ideas.
    Don't dismiss an idea just because it doesn't seem to work in your mind.
  4. Bring ideas to life.
    Have them acted out, played out, or built into a model.
  5. Create a decision-making environment free of persuasion.
    To be evaluated, ideas have to be seen, heard, tasted, or touched.
  6. Let the work grow in its own direction.
    Don't become attached to the particulars of the problem. Enjoy the journey of cycling through all permutations to reveal a work’s true form.


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