Unlock the Potential of Psychedelics to Reduce Brain Activity in the DMN


  1. Gain an understanding of the effects of psychedelics on the Default Mode Network (DMN).
    Research how psychedelics can reduce brain activity in the DMN and what implications this has.
  2. Comprehend the role of the DMN.
    Consider how the DMN is responsible for creating mental constructs, such as the self or ego.
  3. Investigate the potential of psychedelics.
    Explore how psychedelics can temporarily rewire the brain, allowing for new connections to form between distant brain regions.
  4. Analyze the long-term effects.
    Determine if the new neural connections formed during a psychedelic experience are durable or fleeting.
  5. Examine the potential of psychedelics for mental health.
    Research how psychedelics can disrupt unhealthy patterns of thought and create an environment in which healthier patterns and narratives can emerge.


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