Leverage the power of performance oversupply


  1. Understand the performance oversupply phenomenon.
    Performance oversupply occurs when the rate of improvement provided by technologists is higher than the rate of improvement that the market needs or can use.
  2. Identify the opportunity for a disruptive technology.
    When performance oversupply happens, it creates an opportunity for a disruptive technology to enter the market and challenge existing products.
  3. Recognize the change in the basis of competition.
    Performance oversupply also causes a shift in the basis of competition in the product’s market, which signals a transition from one phase to the next of the product life cycle.
  4. Analyze the market demand.
    Analyze the market demand to understand the rate of performance improvement that the market needs or is able to absorb. Use this analysis to make improvements to your products.
  5. Monitor the performance supplied.
    Monitor the performance supplied to identify when the performance supplied exceeds the market’s demands.


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