Sharpen your pronunciation skills


  1. Dive into the auditory landscape of the language you're learning.
    Listen actively to native speakers, enjoy their music, and watch movies or shows in the language. This will help you pick up the rhythm and melody of the speech. Ask yourself, "What unique sounds or patterns am I noticing?" Write it down.
  2. Employ minimal pair drills to fine-tune your listening skills.
    Use apps or make flashcards with pairs of words that sound similar (like 'niece' and 'knees'). Test yourself regularly to improve your ability to distinguish these subtle differences.
  3. Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
    The IPA helps visualize and produce speech sounds. Use it as a guide to understand tongue, lip, and vocal cord positions for unfamiliar sounds. When you encounter a tricky sound, look it up in the IPA chart. For example, see how 'mjöður' is broken down into specific mouth movements.
  4. Use back-chaining for complex words.
    Start with the end of a difficult word and gradually add the beginning parts. This method simplifies learning tough pronunciations. Try it with a word like 'mjöður', beginning with the last syllable and working backward.
  5. Link spelling with sounds using phonetic writing.
    Recognize patterns between spelling and pronunciation in your target language. Make flashcards or write words phonetically to see these connections clearly. For instance, write down a new word phonetically and compare it to its actual spelling.
  6. Actively seek out pronunciation critiques.
    Collaborate with language instructors or participate in language exchange communities to get constructive feedback and refine your accent.
  7. Persistently practice and polish your pronunciation skills.
    Continuously go over and rehearse the phonetics of your target language, making necessary tweaks to enhance your speech's clarity and precision.


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