Understand your cultural legacy.

Understanding cultural legacies can have a profound impact on your success. They play a large role in determining why someone acts the way they do, so if you understand yours, you will likely find the reason as to why you aren’t currently performing your best. You can then take steps to correct it.


What is a cultural legacy?

A cultural legacy does not refer to the legacy your ancestors left behind. It refers to the legacy left behind by the people living in the location you grew up in.

For example, in the 19th century, the British living in the southern US were prone to violence and aggression. Studies show that those who grew up in the southern US in this century, roughly 100 years later, show the same patterns of violence and aggression, even though they didn’t necessarily have British ancestors from the South—they just grew up there.

  1. Look for your cultural legacy.
    Think about the place you grew up in, or live in right now. What were the people like there 100 years ago? What similarities can you draw between them and yourself?


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