Understand what makes you tick to become a Superconnector


  1. Develop a high level of self-awareness
    Take an inventory of yourself by making a list of your traits. Ask specific questions that enable you to look deeper into yourself. For example: Do you exude confidence or arrogance? Are you a talker or a listener? Do you prefer meeting people online or in-person? How do others perceive you on first contact? Do you take time to respond to people’s messages? Do you lie to fit on or feel self-important? Be completely honest when writing down the answers to these questions. Then use your answers to identify your strengths and do what it takes to tweak your weaknesses.
  2. Figure out what type of connector you are
    You may be one of 3 types of connectors. Thinkers tend to be curious and have many big ideas a minute, but they aren’t good at executing them. Enablers can bring people together to share ideas and love to introduce people to each other. Executors take people’s ideas and accomplish them. Know your collaboration style, strengths, and weaknesses. Team up with connectors of other styles. 
  3. Find the right environment for you
    Look for places that make you feel happy and comfortable. For example, if you don’t like large crowds, it would be easier to grow your network in a small town compared to a city.  
  4. Become more curious
    Superconnectors are extremely curious, so learn to ask the right questions and improve your listening skills when having conversations. Read a wide variety of subjects instead of relying only on Google.


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