Understand what happens after seduction.

By understanding the aftereffects of seduction, you can avoid being taken for granted and the slow burnout.


  1. Fight against inertia.
    Avoid the trap of thinking you have finished your work. Do not take the other person for granted. Continue proving yourself, giving them your attention, and luring them. Do not rely on physical charms but, instead, use strategy and effort.

  2. Maintain mystery.
    Avoid losing the sense of fantasy and anxiety in your relationship by becoming too familiar with each other. To maintain the mystery, use the dark side of your personality or occasional absences.

  3. Maintain lightness.
    Avoid nagging or complaining. Do not try to change the other person. Instead, entice them to follow your lead.

  4. Avoid the slow burnout.
    If you feel completely disenchanted and you know it is over, do not hang in there for pity. Leave quickly because it is often easier to get over that way. Try to avoid making the other person feel you do not find them desirable anymore.


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