Understand the messages that you are sending to your brain


  1. Print a picture or draw a picture of your brain.
    Create a simple sketch of your brain with no color in it.
  2. Choose three colors that will represent the quality of your thoughts, whether they are negative, positive, or neutral.
    For example, gold, gray and neutral (i.e. beige). The gold will represent your most clearly positive thoughts, the gray is your negative thoughts, and the neutral pen is neither positive nor negative.
  3. Mark the picture of the brain with the quality of your thoughts.
    To understand the quality of your thoughts, ask yourself the question, “How am I today?” If your answer, for example, is “I am doing terrible,” the quality of your thoughts is mostly negative. On the other hand, if you answer, “I am doing incredible,” the quality of your thoughts is mostly positive.
  4. Do this for one day.
    Every time you have a conscious thought, stop and mark your brain. Doing so lets you see what kinds of thoughts/ messages you send to your brain.


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