Get out of your own head

This knowledge won’t make your worries and fear disappear, but it will help you avoid being taken in by them, and in turn, it will help you be happier.


  1. Recognize your worrisome thoughts.
    Everyone has that voice inside their head telling them all sorts of worrisome things—that they aren’t good enough, that they should engage in self-destructive behaviors, etc. The next time you hear this, pause, and recognize it.

  2. Acknowledge them without believing in them.
    These thoughts are not always based on reality. They may not be irrational, but they aren’t necessarily true, either.

  3. Take deep breaths instead of engaging in them further.
    Focus on your breathing and the thoughts will fade away.

  4. Accept what is.
    For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, take a deep breath and accept it. Move on.


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