Undergo a transformational change


  1. Optimize your sleep.
    Sleep is essential for the high performance of the mind and body. To help you sleep better, take magnesium supplements and CBD oil, use blue-light-blocking glasses when using digital devices at night, or practice meditation before bed. You can also track your sleep statistics using an Oura ring. If you run a company, you can discourage employees from pulling all-nighters to ensure they get enough rest.

  2. Practice daily meditation and mindfulness.
    Encourage your employees to practice meditation and mindfulness to enhance their wellness and functioning. For example, you can use the 6-phase meditation routine every morning to improve performance. These 6 phases include compassion toward self and others, gratitude, forgiveness, future dreaming, visualizing your perfect day, and feeling supported in your mission.

  3. Optimize your exercise routine with super slow strength training.
    Strength is directly correlated to longevity. You can spend as little as one hour a week performing super slow strength training exercises and boost your strength by at least 25% in 4 weeks.

  4. Optimize your diet through intermittent fasting and superfoods.
    You can practice intermittent fasting once or twice a week to give your body a break from digesting food for 12-16 hours. For breakfast, you can have a protein shake with wheatgrass, powdered kale, or spirulina.

  5. Give your employees more autonomy in the mornings.
    Instead of scheduling office meetings first thing in the morning, push them closer to midday. Allow your employees to determine how to spend their morning hours. They can work out, meditate, read, or even get more sleep. Let them control their morning hours as long as they attend meetings and excel at their projects.

  6. Establish a transformation education budget.
    Your company can fund employee training on personal growth, health, and wellness. For a low fee, employees can access online programs where they can learn things like speedreading, strength training, better parenting, public speaking, etc.


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