Uncover the inner workings of a system


  1. Break down complex systems into smaller components.
    Identify the key components, triggers, endpoints, and conditions of the system. Break the system down into smaller, more manageable parts that can be analyzed separately.
  2. Measure what matters.
    Identify the metrics that will be used to measure the success of the system. Define the goals that the system is intended to achieve.
  3. Collect data from the system. Ensure that the data is representative of the entire system.
  4. Analyze the data. Look for patterns in the data and identify any connections between different variables. Use data analysis tools and techniques to gain insights and make sense of the data.
  5. Create personas or user profiles based on the data.
    Combine characteristics such as demographics, behaviors, and needs to create fictional profiles of the system's users or customers. Use these personas to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and motivations of the system's users.
  6. Use the personas to inform decision-making.
    Use intuition to decide if the personas would be interested in a certain product or service rather than relying purely on statistics.


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