Share the most impactful stories with your partner


  1. ** Find a partner.**
    Choose someone who genuinely wants to help you find your "why" and with whom you feel comfortable sharing personal information and feelings.
  2. ** Gather stories from your life.**
    Choose at least five stories specific to a time, place, or moment. Write down a few words to encapsulate each story.
  3. ** Choose stories to share.**
    Choose the stories that you think are the most impactful.
  4. ** Share stories with your partner.**
    You can use the Peaks and Valleys or Memory Prompt method to help you. Here, the peak refers to the high point, while the valley refers to the low point. Start by identifying the high point or the moment of success or triumph in your story first. Then, proceed to identify the valley - the struggles you've experienced from that story. Finally, determine how those peak and valley moments shaped and impacted your life. Remember not to overanalyze your stories before sharing them with your partner. Focus on the most impactful stories first.


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