Uncover the emotional roots of your desires


  1. Identify your core motivators.
    Think about what gets you moving. What lights your fire? What things, events, or people make you want to take action? You may use the feelings and memories from trauma, destiny, altruism, or self-expression to understand your own drives.
  2. Find your heart's true desire.
    Look deep within you to understand what you really, really want. What's one thing you care about so much that it becomes the most important thing to you? Write it down.
  3. Employ the five "Why's" to understand the emotional roots of your desires.
    After identifying your basic desires in the previous step, use the answer as a starting point and ask yourself, "Why?" five times in a row. For example, if your initial desire was to help people, ask, "Why do I want to help people?" Then, take that answer and ask "Why?" again. Repeating this process will guide you deeper into your emotional roots and help to reveal the real, heartfelt reason behind your desires.
  4. Connect to something bigger.
    Try to link your personal goals to bigger ideas or groups - like your community or a cause you care about. It makes your personal journey part of something bigger and gives it extra meaning.


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