Unblock your nasal passages naturally


  1. Take a small breath in and out through the nose. 
  2. Pinch your nose with your fingers to hold your breath.
  3. Walk as many paces as possible with your breath held. 
    Build up a moderate to strong air shortage, without overdoing it.
  4. Release your nose and resume calm nasal breathing. 
    You should be able to recover a steady breath rhythm within the first 3 breaths. If you can’t do so, you held your breath for too long.
  5. Wait for a minute or so, then repeat steps 1-4. Practice 5-6 rounds, until your nose is clear.
  6. Practice this exercise daily, aiming to increase by 10 paces each week until you hit 80 paces.
  7. Avoid this practice if any of the following applies:
    Your BOLT score is below 10 seconds, you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions or other serious health concerns.


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