Twist and turn for better posture and breathing


  1. Sit comfortably on a firm surface, such as a chair or a bench seat.
    Keep your face looking forward.
  2. Fold and cross your arms, with your hands resting lightly on your elbows.
    You will be rotating your shoulder girdle briskly, first to one side and then to the other, without stopping and without shifting the hips.
  3. For the first part of the exercise, let your elbows drop and rest just in front of your body.
    Rotate your shoulders so that your elbows move to one side and then back to the other side. When you rotate your shoulders from side to side, your arms glide lightly over your stomach. This activates the fibers of your upper trapezius.
  4. Do this three times.
    Do not strain, and do not stop your movement. Move your shoulders without forcing or holding them; your movements should be easy and relaxed.
  5. The second part is just like the first; the only difference is that you lift your elbows and hold them in front of your chest, at the level of your heart.
    Rotate your elbows first to one side and then to the other. Do this three times. This activates the muscle fibers of your middle trapezius.
  6. For the third part, raise your elbows as high as you comfortably can and repeat the exercise above.
    Rotate your elbows from side to side three times. This activates the muscle fibers of your lower trapezius.


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