Understand the reason behind objections


  1. Listen carefully to the objection.
    When someone raises an objection, the first step is to listen carefully to what they're saying. Don't interrupt or start formulating your response before they've finished speaking. Understanding exactly what their concern is will help you respond more effectively.
  2. Acknowledge their concern.
    Once they've shared their objection, acknowledge it. This doesn't mean you agree with them, but it shows you're listening and taking their concern seriously. You could say something like, "I see where you're coming from," to show empathy.
  3. Ask "What makes you say that? to encourage them to expound on their reasoning."
    After acknowledging their concern, use the magic words, "What makes you say that?" This question is powerful because it encourages the other person to provide more details about their objection. It shifts the conversation from a potential conflict to a more open dialogue.
  4. Listen to their explanation without judgment.
    As they explain their reasoning, listen without judging or jumping to conclusions. This part of the conversation is crucial for understanding their perspective and for maintaining control of the discussion.
  5. Respond based on their explanation.
    Once you've heard their explanation, you can respond appropriately. If they've misunderstood something, you can clarify. If they've raised a valid point, you can address it directly. This step requires you to be adaptable and to think on your feet.
  6. Guide the conversation towards a resolution.
    Use the information you've gathered to guide the conversation towards a resolution or compromise. This might involve offering additional information, suggesting alternatives, or finding a middle ground that addresses their concerns.
  7. Follow up if necessary.
    In some cases, you might not be able to resolve the objection immediately. If so, suggest a follow-up conversation or action. For example, if they need to speak to someone else before making a decision, arrange a time to continue the discussion.


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