Pause a decision


  1. ** Prepare additional information that supports your idea.**
    Before initiating your conversation, gather all the relevant facts, details, or testimonials that support your idea. This preparation ensures you're ready to present more information when someone is about to say "no" to your proposal or offer.
  2. Identify the moment when to slow down their decision-making process.
    Pay attention during your conversation for any signs of hesitation or resistance. This is your cue to slow down and rethink your approach. Ask yourself, "Is there something they might not fully understand or need more information on?"
  3. Use the "phrase before you make your mind up" to totally pause their decision.
    Say, "Before you make your mind up…" to introduce a pause in their thought process. This signals that you have more to say and that their decision should wait until they've heard all the information.
  4. Present your additional information clearly.
    After pausing their decision, clearly present the additional facts or details that support your idea. For example, if they're hesitant about a new project because of time constraints, you might say, "Before you make your mind up, let's look at how this has been efficiently implemented in similar situations." Or, you could also encourage them to reconsider from a new perspective. For example, "Before you make your mind up, have you considered the long-term benefits this could bring to your team?"
  5. Follow up after giving them time to think.
    After presenting your additional information, give them some time to consider it. Then, follow up to see if their perspective has changed or if they have any new questions. This shows you respect their need to make an informed decision.


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