Turn a desire for money into its financial equivalent.

Following the above steps will convince your subconscious that you will have the money. Demand and expect that you must not accept any other alternative apart from you having that money. Then, all that’s left is to wait—you will definitely achieve financial success.


  1. Define the exact amount of money you want to make.
    It must be a specific number.

  2. Determine what you are going to give in return for this money.

  3. Set a deadline for when you will achieve this amount of money by.

  4. Create a plan of action, and start acting.
    Decide what you are going to do to obtain the money you desire, and start acting on it immediately.

  5. Write down all the decisions you have made and read them out loud daily.
    As you read, envision yourself in possession of the money. Push yourself to believe that the money is already yours.


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